Saturday, December 02, 2006

All Us All the Time...Winter Solstice Greeting and Invitations

Winter Solstice CandleWinter Solstice InvitationsOnce again I have been delinquent on my postings. I apologize, but the All Us All the Time Elf has been in overdrive mode this last week and I have just been overwhelmed with adding new and exciting products to the well as filling those early holiday orders.

I have so many new products to blog about I don’t know where to even begin? I think I will start out with the Winter Solstice Greeting Cards and Fill-in Invitations for those of you who may be planning on a winter gathering this month or wanting to send out Winter Solstice Greetings. Winter Solstice falls on the 21st of December. Where some like to call it the shortest day of the year, we like to call it the longest night of the year. Winter Solstice is a wonderful time to get together to celebrate nature and to send wishes of peace and happiness to all your friends and family.

In honor of Winter Solstice, my sister did a series of four stunning Winter Solstice watercolor paintings that we have reproduced into holiday greeting cards and invitations. These unique designs reflect the wonders of winter and nature with a touch of whimsical fancy add-in, all tied together by the single element of a white feather. There is the white bird perched on a tree branch next to a hanging pinecone with a winter landscape in the background and bluest of winter night’s sky. The detail is absolutely exquisite in the bird’s feathers and the needles of the pinecone. Did I mention the red scarf? Oh yes, the solstice bird is wrapped in a red scarf that you can almost feel its softness just by looking at it. Along with nature we also think of candles when thinking of Winter Solstice. Her next painting in the Winter Solstice series is a bluish-purple candle surrounded by pomegranates, mixed nuts, and a white feather that pops out against the green background. The last Winter Solstice painting takes the traditional holiday decoration, a wreath, and adds in the nature elements of pinecones and white feathers along with red berries and flowers. The blue of the wreath itself and a striking yellow ribbon makes this Winter Solstice wreath pop out against the wood background. Again, the details of this painting are just amazing. Now to the painting that inspired these last three, the Winter Solstice dress. When I think of Winter Solstice, I think of a magical winter wonderland where one can find themselves enraptured in a mystical fairytale world. A world in which the moon is bright and full, the winter sky is multiple shades of blue, and where you can see white birds carrying off a gorgeous feathered gown into the winter solstice night sky. Her Winter Solstice dress painting captures this special magic that winter offers.

Winter Solstice BirdWinter Solstice WreathWinter Solstice Dress

Her Winter Solstice’s designs are available as individual greeting cards or in stationery sets. We have 5 Winter Solstice inside greetings you can choose from or you can leave the inside blank to write your own personal Winter Solstice greeting. Greeting cards and stationery come with coordinating blue envelopes. Then we also have available Winter Solstice Fill-in Invitations. The Winter Solstice Invitations include 8 invitations to a set, 2 of each of the Winter Solstice designs, coordinating blue envelopes and matching Winter Solstice stickers. The inside has a small illustration of a pinecone with the message “A Winter Gathering”. These Winter Solstice Invitations would be quite exquisite for any holiday affair this season. This will be one invitation your guest won’t want to throw away.

The All Us All the Time Elf has been working around the clock to bring you more holiday goodies and stocking stuffers. In the last recent days we have added more journal designs, magnet and notecard sets, buttons, compact mirrors, and Santa Skull. Yes, that is right, Santa Skull, which I will be blogging about shortly.

All Us All the Time...making your season bright.

P.S. The Elf and I were trying to decide if there would be any interest in Art Prints of the Winter Solstice designs. Let’s us know what you think?

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