Monday, December 11, 2006

All Us All the Time Gift Idea #3: Stationery Sachets

Teacup Stationery SachetParisian Stationery SachetEven though I am there with her assisting with the fabric choices and patterns for the stationery sachets, the anticipation for the finished product is like a child waiting for Christmas morning, and I am never disappointed. Once again, her two latest sachets, Winter Solstice and Rustic Holiday, are absolutely stunning and would make an exquisite gift for the holiday.

Petals Stationery SachetPetals Stationery SachetThe Stationery Sachets are hand-sewn with 3 pockets on the inside to hold whimsical and enchanting stationery, note sheets, envelopes, and two gel pens. Then the sachets can be folded and tied-up with a ribbon bow that is sewn on the back. They are really a home d├ęcor piece as well as stationery. You can display the sachets out on writing desk, coffee tables, bookshelves, mantles, or in guest rooms. I know at first you will hate to use the stationery because it is such a beautiful set, but the wonderful thing about the stationery used in our sachets is that it can also be purchased separately, so send off all those personal notes to dear friends and family because your stationery sachet can always be refilled.

Winter Solstice SachetWinter Solstice Stationery SachetThe latest additions to our stationery sachet collection are the Winter Solstice Stationery Sachet and the Rustic Holiday Stationery Sachet. The Winter Solstice Sachet is done in a rich blue star patterned fabric accompanied by fabrics of deep rich green, burgundy, and chestnut brown with leaves. This sachet is filled with enchanting stationery reproduced from my sister’s series of four stunning Winter Solstice watercolor. These unique designs reflect the wonders of winter and nature with a touch of whimsical fancy add-in, all tied together by the single element of a white feather. There is the white bird perched on a tree wearing a red scarf, a candle surrounded by pomegranates, mixed nuts, and a white feather that pops out against the green background, a blue wreath with white feathers, and finally white birds carrying off a gorgeous feathered gown into the winter solstice night. This stationery truly captures that special magic that winter offers.

Holiday Stationery SachetHoliday Stationery SachetThe Rustic Holiday Stationery Sachet captures the charm of being in a rustic log cabin in the mountains cozying up to the fire. The Rustic Holiday Sachet is done in a winter sage fabric with a leaf pattern paired with the same deep rich green, burgundy, and chestnut brown with leaves. This sachet is filled with charming stationery that is again reproduced from her original watercolor paintings. There is a pinecone, cinnamon sticks, an apple, a wreath, and a fire hearth basket. The details are quite stunning.

Gothic Stationery SachetGothic Stationery SachetIf you have someone on your gift list that loves to decorate their home for the holidays, these two stationery sachets will be adored. We also have 6 other lovely sachets available on our site, Spring Blossoms, Teacups, French Kitty, Raining Petals, Gothic, and then my personal favorite, the Parisian, which will brighten up any room. The Stationery Sachets come with stationery, note sheets, envelopes and gel pens.

Paris Stationery SachetComing up next, Gift Idea #4: Decorative Wall Art.

All Us All the Time...making your season bright.

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