Sunday, December 03, 2006

All Us All the Time and Pirate Santa Skull

Pirate Santa Skull Greeting CardIf you looked at the Sunday ads in your paper there is no way you could have missed that the summer blockbuster hit is coming to DVD this Tuesday. That’s right those pirates will be invading stores this Tuesday as Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest is released to DVD. Not only can you get the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD, but they are also offering a deluxe 2-DVD set with 5 hours of extra pirate coverage, because really, can you ever get too much of pirates? I mean who on your gift list would not want to entrench themselves in 7+ hours of pirate mania?

What a perfect gift for this holiday, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest DVD or deluxe 2-DVD set. You could give just the DVD or how about a Pirates of the Caribbean gift basket! Oh yes, you could start out with a big popcorn bowl, fill it with microwavable popcorn, Twizzlers, M&M’s, and chips (after all, they will need a lot of munchies to get them through 7+ hours of pirate watching), then of course top it all off with the Dead Man’s Chest, DVD. If they haven’t seen the first movie, Curse of the Black Pearl, which extremely hard to believe, but if they haven’t, you could throw both of them in. Now if you want to go completely over the top, I saw that there are even Pirate of the Caribbean action figures available. Why not just go ahead and add in a little pirate while you are at it. I say teeny tiny pirates for everyone this holiday!!

Now that we have the actual gift all planned out, we should turn our attention to the presentation. I mean after all, a gift of this magnitude can’t just have any old gift tag and/or card. Hum, where, oh where, could you find a holiday gift tag or card that would capture the essence of such a gift? Wait a minute! I know the perfect place to go to get the perfect pirate gift tag and card! What a surprise as it is All Us All the Time who just happens to have a bounty of Pirate Santa Skull gift tags and greeting cards.

Pirate Santa Skull Button Gift TagThat’s right my pirate loving friends, we are your source for holiday pirate greetings, such as “Yo-ho-ho” and “Wishin’ Me Hearties a Happy Holiday”. Available as individual holiday greeting cards or for those of you who have a lot of maties you need to send season’s greetings, our Pirate Santa Skull greeting cards are also available in stationery sets of 8 cards. Shiver me timbers there is more! We also carry a variety of Pirate SantaPirate Santa Skull Gift Label Skull gift tags for that awesome Pirates of the Caribbean gift basket we just put together. We have our Pirate Santa Skull paper gift tags, printed on watercolor paper with a ribbon tie, quite an elegant gesture for any pirate. Then we have our Pirate Santa Skull gift labels, easy-for-pirates-to-use adhesive gift labels in sets of 8 2.25” x 3.25”, or sets of 10 2” X 4” gift labels. APirate Santa Skull Gift Taglso available is our Pirate Santa Skull button gift tags. These holiday gift tags are 2.25” in diameter with Pirate Santa Skull on the front and then a matching To & From gift label on the back. The neat feature of these button gift tags is that they have a ribbon for hanging. Thus they can be hung on the tree or the bows of the ship for all to admire Pirate Santa Skull.

Did the All Us All the Time Elf stop with just Pirate Santa Skull Greeting Cards, Gift Tags, and Gift Pirate Santa Skull Button or MagnetLabels. Oh no she did not. You can also find on our site, Pirate Santa Skull buttons, magnets, key chains, and we even have him available as a compact mirror. Even Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud of these treasures. In fact I am pretty sure that, well, if he really existed, Captain Jack Sparrow would be doing all his holiday stationery, gift tag, and stocking stuffer buying at All Us All the Time. We just know he would love Pirate Santa Skull, and would so be wearing a Pirate Santa Skull button all through the holidays.

For the few of you who may not be wanting a Pirate Holiday, we also have several other whimsical and enchanting holiday designs to choose from, such as our winter solstice collection, merry elves, suave snowman, jolly Santa kitties, winter snowflakes, and much more. Also stay tuned for more exciting holiday gift ideas.

All Us All the Time...making your season bright.

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