Saturday, December 30, 2006

All Us All the Time Blizzard 2006 - Takes #2

That's right round #2 of snow for the second week in a row. What does one do when blizzard in for the second time? Hum? Let's see....

Check the mail?
Have a BBQ?
Lounge in the backyard?
Or perhaps on the deck and gaze at the stars?
DeckMaybe a bike ride?
Shovel the sidewalks.......NO!
Shoveling Sidewalk
Stay inside and drink lattes...YES!!!
Wait a minute...did I just see a pink flamingo?
Pink Flamingo
Or maybe it was a reindeer?Deer
Or Snow Puppies!!!!
Snow Puppies
Oh! Could it be?
Sun Shine
Could it really be?
More Sun Shine

Mr. Sun!!!!

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