Friday, December 15, 2006

All Us All the Time Gift Idea #7: Stationery Sheet Gift Sets

French Kitty Stationery SheetIn our effort to revive the lost art of letter writing and to assist you in your holiday gift list, we added to our site this holiday season, Stationery Sheet Gift Sets. Everything you need to make corresponding fun all in one bundled little gift set. Stationery Sheets in vibrant and funky designs with coordinating envelopes and then fabulous stickers to seal your letter with love. The back of the stationery sheet is lined for those of us who have trouble writing in a straight-line, not that there is anything wrong with that. We currently have 4 very colorful stationery sheet gift sets available, French Kitty Stationery with fleur de li stickers, Gothic Stationery with raven feather stickers, Raining Petals Stationery with spring flower stickers, and the most vivid of them all our Sundae Stationery Sheet set which is full of funky dots, stripes, limes and lemons with striking solid color matching stickers. No matter how much email has taken over our lives, it is still such an unexpected pleasure to receive a personal letter in the mail for no reason at all...just because.

Flower Stationery SheetDots Stationery SheetGothic Dress Stationery Sheet

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All Us All the Time...making your season bright.

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