Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday Zazzle Sale - Blitzen Deals

Zazzle is having a block buster weekend of deals!! Every 2 hours starting at midnight tonight they are having a 2 hour sale through cyber Monday...120 hours of deals!

Below is a sneak preview of their Black Friday specials. You can get all your holiday shopping done by a click of a button, no crowds or lines. Lots of cute stuff. The elves have been uploading new designs all week to our All Us All the Time Zazzle store. We would love for you to drop by and take a look.

12:01 AM 50% Off All Mugs
2:01  AM $10 Off All Custom Binders
4:01  AM 75% Off Harry Potter T-Shirts
6:01  AM 70% Off Holiday Cards and Invites
8:01  AM 50% Off Christmas Ornaments
10:01 AM $20 Off iPhone and iPad Cases
12:01 PM 75% Off Business Cards
2:01  PM 65% Off All Posters
4:01  PM $8.80 Off $0.44 Postage Sheets
6:01  PM 50% Off All T-Shirts
8:01  PM Friday's Favorite Deal Repeat
10:01 PM Friday's Favorite Deal Repeat