Wednesday, December 20, 2006

All Us All the Time...New Stationery

Cowboy Boot StationeryJust an FYI that we added a new stationery set to our site last week in our Just Because Card Collection. This latest stationery set is titled “Out on the Range”, and if you could not guess from the name, has a western flare to it. The stationery is reproduced from my sister’s original watercolor paintings and includes a cowboy boot with a bandana faded into the background, a very colorful chicken of orange, turquoise, and dark purple, a beautiful yellow rose, and a lone pinecone. The stationery highlights the intricate details of my sister’s work and is in a very warm and pleasing color hue. It is a nice stationery set to have if you need to write a quick thank you note, staying in touch, or just because.

Yellow Rose StationeryChicken StationeryPinecone Stationery

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