Friday, March 16, 2007

Tea Party Tips

TeacupsIf you are new to our blog, let me take a short sentence or two to introduce us. We are All Us All the Time, an online store with whimsical and unique stationery, greeting cards, fill-in invitations, and small gifts, created by my sister and me. Also on our site we have what we call our Tip Page, and every month (or there about) on this page we give party and decorating ideas, craft projects, and/or recipes. In the past we have had tips on egg decorating, ice-cream socials, and fiendishly fiesta feasts. We have also had recipes for Swedish pancakes, fruit pizza, and pumpkin pie with whole-wheat crust. All of our past tips can be found on our Tip Archive Page.

This month our tip is on hosting a tea party. Almost any time of the year and occasion is a perfect time for tea. You can host a tea party for birthdays, holidays, showers, Mother's Day, book clubs, or just because. You can also incorporate other themes such as a hat party, cookie party, scone/pastry party, or bring your own teacup party. For those of you who love to create, you can add a twist such as make your own hat party, decorate your teacup party, or a tea journaling party. On our Time for Tea Tip Page, we provide a few decorating ideas, elaborate on a few of the above themes, list some great tea resources to find exotic teas, tea accessories and recipes, as well as providing a basic recipe for scones. If you are interested in finding out more about hosting a tea party, please come and visit our tip page, and while you are on our site, feel free to browse around to see the many whimsical offerings we currently have available.

Is that one sugar or two?

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