Friday, March 30, 2007

All Us All the Time New Birthday Greeting Cards

We added a festive set of birthday greeting cards with playful balloon illustrations to our special occasion page. Wait a minute, what is that, it can’t be, oh no but it is...our balloons have been invaded by...BIRTHDAY PIRATE SKULL!!!!!

That’s right me maties, it is a yo-ho-ho and bundle of birthday balloons with that eye-patched, polka-dotted scarf fashion maven, Birthday Pirate Skull. This little birthday pirate skull is available in four colors, green, blue, purple and gold or you can get an 8-card set with all the colors. His birthday greeting is “Shiver me Timbers...It’s Your Birthday!”.

Birthday Pirate Skull Greeting CardBirthday Pirate Skull Greeting Card

Rumor has it that the 3rd installment of that teeny tiny blockbuster pirate movie is coming to theaters in May, so if you know someone having a birthday coming up, who is a big fan of teeny tiny pirates, then this birthday pirate skull greeting card is sure to be a hit as well.


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