Friday, October 13, 2006

All Us All the Time...Happy Friday the 13th

Pondering the potential of some bad luck.
Hoping your day does not run a muck.

Running late as you’ve encountered a never-ending traffic jam.
Then finding out your first client of the day is reminiscent of the son of Sam.

You decided to wear white to show off that nice fresh latte stain
as you have come to the conclusion your first client really is insane.

Oh how lovely now your computer has gone on the blitz
and the support guys, well, are basically a couple of twits.

You have assured them numerous times everything is plugged-in.
Guest what? You have just discovered you are all out of ibuprofen.

You finally figured out your computer problems all on your own
to the serenity of a constantly ringing phone.

Oh no! Is that a psychotic sadistic knife-slashing maniac?
Not to worry looks like your first client has just come back.

Is it possible to make a project more cumbersome?
Is it possible for your head to throb so hard to explode your cranium?

Perhaps it would have been best to stay in bed
with the covers firmly pulled up over your head.

But how could this day have been foreseen?
Well it is Friday and it is thirteen.

Happy Friday the 13th

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey hey! yeah you were talking to me weren't ya? ohh that was a brutal day for us, weird things a happenin!
-the Dr.-