Wednesday, October 04, 2006

All Us All the Time Felted Goodness – Wool Felt Fall Leaf Gift Tags

Purple Wool Felt Leaf Gift TagAs you can tell I am running a little bit behind on my postings. Spent all yesterday working on our Fall and Halloween Newsletter, which my sister did a fantastic header for it, on the fly as usual. Meaning that at 8:30pm last night I send her a draft copy to review and go “...uh, you know that awesome Halloween trunk you did, yeah, how hard would that be to work up into a header for this newsletter that, by-the-way, I am wanting to send out first thing in the morning”. Oh yes, she loves me. The important part of this story is that it was an awesome header. It has our normal logo trunk “Halloweenized” and then a fearsome black raven flying in the background. She went above and beyond as usual.

Speaking of newsletters, if you are not already a subscriber, now is the time to sign-up. We are offering a special for first-time sign-ups of free shipping on their first order. Plus with each newsletter we send out, around 6 to 8 a year, we offer % off discounts. In addition, if you sign-up in the next few days, we will also send you a link to the Fall and Halloween Newsletter we just sent out. Such a bargain.

Okay, now speaking of wool felt leaf gift tags, we just added them to our site last night. I know I am not alone in that fall is my favorite time of year, I may be in the fact that winter is a very close second, but I do love fall the best with the crispness of the air, the chill that settles in the night and stays through morning, and the shades of color the earth takes on, especially of the fall leaves. We thought that others who enjoy this time of year may also enjoy our latest addition to our felted goodness, wool felt leaf gift tags. They are done in a pleasant fall color palette of brown, gold, sage green, and purple. The wool gift tags are hand sewn and embellished with hand stitching and buttons with coordinating ribbons. Each leaf tag has a small pocket for small token or to and from note. I like to hang them around bottles of wine or vinegar to give as hostess gifts. Each set comes with four wool felt leaf gift tags.

Green Wool Felt Leaf Gift TagGold Wool Felt Leaf Gift TagBrown Wool Felt Leaf Gift Tag

I will be posting about more felted goodness tomorrow or should I say feline felted goodness.

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