Wednesday, October 11, 2006

All Us All the Time...Autumn Leaf Compact Mirrors and more.

Auburn Autumn Leaf Compact MirrorIt seems to me one of the most popular fashion accessories at this time is the handbag, or maybe it has always been popular but the choices and options have increasingly broaden, i.e., you can now just rent them. Well to keep up with that ever-changing handbag you are carrying around these days, we have a never-ending supply of compact mirrors and key chains to go with. Oh come on, we all need fashion accessories for our fashion accessories. Our latest addition to our vast collection of compact mirror and key chain designs is our unique and contemporary Autumn Maple Leaf. This collection has a very sophisticated edge with a pattern of slightly abstract maple leaves in bold color combinations. There are 5 different color patterns to choose from allowing you to blend in your accessory or have a sharp contrast...that is always fun. The autumn leaves are also available as key chains, luggage tags (won’t you look so chic on your travels), and buttons, just in case your handbag likes to sport a little bling.

Purple Autumn Leaf Compact MirrorGold Autumn Leaf Compact Mirror

Our mirrors are also available in several Halloween motifs, the perfect little companion to make sure those pointed teeth are in straight, that pointed hat is not crooked, or to quickly cover up any embarrassing blood drippings. Come see our chilling collection of macabre mirrors and the rest of our compact mirror and key chain collections.

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