Thursday, October 05, 2006

All Us All the Time Fiendishly Felted Feline...We make gift giving ghoulish.

Fiendishly Felted FelineI have a confession, and please, please, do not tell my sister. I don’t want to ruin her reputation as a fiendish felter of ghoulish gifts, but her latest piece of work is, well, uh, it is, okay here is the thing, her latest piece of work is...CUTE! Again, please don’t tell her I told you that about her fiendishly felted feline, Witchy Kitty, she is pretty proud of her fiendish ghoulish reputation.

This little creature is hand sewn from wool felt with a small pocket on both sides. The pockets are hand-stitched and the perfect size for a sweet little treat. Of course when you think of Halloween kitties, you think of black, but my sister’s favorite color is purple. I think you see our grave dilemma here. My sister though, is not only a fiendish felter but a clever one as well. She did one side in black wool with a purple pocket and the other side in purple wool with a black pocket. In other words it looks precious no matter which side you are looking at. Also at 5”, this bewitching felted feline makes an ideal stocking stuffer for those Halloween stockings hung by the chimney with care...what?!?

Fiendish Felted Feline
Any hoo, I guess I should warn you that there is a risk with having this little stuffed Halloween feline decoration, and that is you may find it too irresistible to put away at the end of the season and it will just have to stay out with you all year.


Anonymous said...

hi! which sister? and yes it is cute!! -yours truly Dr. Fringe

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