Thursday, June 22, 2006

All Us All the Time Stationery Sachets

Stationery SachetIntroducing our newest Stationery Sachet - "The Parisian", featuring our two latest greeting cards, "The Vintage Flower Cone" and "French Pillows". The Vintage Flower Cone stationery and note sheets are reproduced from my sister's recent watercolor of a fabric cone with irises. The color palette is very French country, with golden yellows, deep pinks, rich blues, and sage greens. Then beautiful irises beam from the top with their delicate pedals overflowing down the sides. My sister is known for her intricate detail work that is shown through the elaborate fabric patterns of the cone and then the delicate draping flower pedals. Also reproduced from one of her fabulous watercolor paintings is the French Pillows stationery. This stationery is again filled with the rich and vibrant colors of French country. Three pillows with alluring patterns nestled on top of each other with la poire or pear perched on top, which gives it that certain je ne sais quoi.

The sachet itself is a patchwork of floral and striped fabric hand sewn together with a ribbon tie creating an elegant three-pocket sachet. These charming stationery sachets filled with the enchanting Parisian greeting cards and note sheets will abet the revival of the lost art of letter writing. They will bring back the romanticism of letter writing and the intimacy of receiving a personal handwritten note with this whimsical stationery. Display them on your writing desk, or they can be folded and tied with a ribbon bow to be tucked away in your dresser drawer until you need to send a note of gratitude or a well wish to a dear friend. These stationery sachets can also add instant charm with a touch of Victorian and French Country to your home's guest room delighting your guests. If you are searching for a special gift for a friend, sister, mother, wife, teacher, caregiver, or bride-to-be, these adorable sachets will sure to be cherished. With the rich floral patterns and coordinating ribbon tie, the sachets do not even require gift-wrapping. Each sachet comes with 8 blank greeting cards, 8 note sheets, 8 envelopes and 2 gel pens. Greetings Cards are 4.25" x 5.5", note sheets are 5" x 6.5". Quantities are limited.

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