Saturday, June 03, 2006

June Tip Page - Summer Parties and Fruit Pizza

We are now in the third month of our tip page. If this is the first entry you have read on our blog, here is a little history behind the infamous Tip Page. If you have already been through all that, please skip down to the third paragraph.

Pink StarfishThe idea of adding a tip page to our website actually popped up last summer when my sister and I were driving in the car. Not sure how the topic or idea came up and with the "Bright and Shiny Object" syndrome that plagues both my sister and I, tracing back those origins would be next to impossible. Of course the other ailment my sister and I are afflicted with is that no concept of reality thing and there really isn't 36 hours in the day or 8 days to the week. When we first talked about adding a tip page to our site, we originally envisioned our tip page having three sections. The first part would entail deeply thought provoking journal prompts with profoundly enlightening written examples that may or may not solve the ancient mysteries of mankind. These poetic prose would then be accompanied by elaborate intricate illustrated layouts of the likes of the Sistine Chapel. The second part would include unique and captivating recipes, decorating and gift basket ideas. Ideas to rival those of Martha Stewart, eloquently presented with each ingredient illustrated in fine detail. Finally, part three would entail a crafting section with awe-inspiring paper Blue Starfish craft ideas and never-thought-of-before color scheme suggestions with of course an extremely ornate detailed illustrated layout of each and every step of the process including color wheels, charts, and Photoshop screen shots. There would be animated graphics throughout as our own composed music plays in the background. This will be followed by a feature film and soon-to-be released soundtrack.

Purple StarfishWell no movie producer has contacted us yet, but we do feel we have a fun topic for our June Tip Page - Summer Parties! Tis the season to...grill! Yes, summer is one of the best times to entertain, especially since you can do it in your own backyard. Our summer party page gives a few tips and party theme ideas to help make your summer soirees sensational. Our party themes stem from Flower Power Party, Nautical Party, Potluck Party, to Garden Party. We list out a few decorating and menu ideas to get your creative party juices flowing. We hope these ideas help you with planning your summer soirée. Also be sure to visit our entertaining page to see Green Starfishour selection of fill-in invitations, place cards, and disposable party coasters and drink charms. Oh! One more thing, also on our tip page we have the recipe for one of my favorite summer time desserts, fruit pizza, which is perfect for all parties this summer. So check out our June Tip page for summer party tips and a sweet summer time treat, Fruit Pizza. Enjoy!

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