Monday, June 12, 2006

Tee Up with Golf Gift Tags at All Us All the Time

Blue Golf TagGreen Golf TagBrown Golf TagOur father has always been a very avid golfer and for my sister and me, there has never been life before golf. Really, was there ever a time before golf? Well if so, how sad. Any hoo, now that summer is almost here, we decided it would be fun to put one of our favorite leisure time activities to felt. Yes, that’s right, to felt. The newest addition to our Wool Felt Gift Tag family is our Golf Gift Tags. These sporting wool felt golf gift tags come in a smashing color palette of greens, maroons, blues, and browns, and are embellished with hand-sewn details and a ribbon for hanging. You can insert tees, small ball markers, or a small note of golfing good luck. Another cute idea is to put small coupons in them for mulligans, gimmies, or even fold up a gift certificate for a free round of golf. Perfect for Father’s Day gifts. The golf gift tags also make great door prizes for any golfing group, especially if you include the golf coupons or certificates. FORE!!

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