Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Valentine Decorative Paper

Checkerboard Hearts
Can't believe I forgot to mention we now have our Valentine Decorative Paper available on our site, especially since we have over 35 designs! Okay, 36 to be exact. As whimsical as ever, we hope you too will be delighted with all 36 Valentine Heart motifs. For all those having a winter birthday, we also added a party hat fill-in invitation set with disposable party coasters to soon follow.

The coasters probably would be done, but my sister is having to take time off this week for a very important assignment...finding that perfect birthday gift for her sister (that would be me)! Yes, celebrating another year this weekend. I wish I could now go in to how wonderful and meaningful birthdays are for reflection and new beginnings, but I must be honest, they really just depress the hell out of me. On the bright side though, there will be cake, and really, one can never be truly depressed when there is cake. Just a little bit of happiness covered in frosting.

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