Saturday, January 07, 2006

Heart's Delight

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is having a great start to the New Year. We started our new year with our Heart's Delight Valentine Day line. These whimsical heart illustrations are a fun way to send a special greeting to your friends and family this Valentine's Day. Of course no Valentine card line would be complete without the infamous Sweetheart Kitty! What a playful way to tell your lover they are absolutely "purrfect"! You will also find Valentine Gift Tags and eventually felt heart tags. Cupid (my sister) is busy working away on those as well as Valentine Decorative Paper and more Stationery Sachets. Come visit our site and celebrate the season of romance.

Besides starting our new year with the Valentine's Day line, we also started it with a very exciting, scary and anxious sister gave notice at her day job to devote full time to our little creative endeavor, Even though we have been working on this for over a year and launched the site last September, it really hasn't seemed real until now. We have so many ideas, which is great, but also leads to a little bit of jetsam and flotsam syndrome for us. Well to be honest we have kind of been plagued with that all our lives. Any hoo, we hope that now we are both full-time employees to our business we will be able to make those ideas and dreams come true on our site. One of those dreams is to write and illustrate our own book, not sure on what, fiction or non-fiction, short story or novel, you know a few small details we need to work out on that. Funny, before I quit my day job I had a plethora of story ideas, and now that I have quit, I feel like my mind has become vast abyss of nothingness. That is why I am so glad my very talented and artistic partner will now full-time be prodding me along. I keep telling her to come up with some of her mystical illustrations and I will just write around them. She thinks I am joking...yeah we will see. Okay enough rambling.

Once again, we hope everyone is having a great start to 2006 and be sure to check our Valentine Heart’s Delights.


CassieLove said...
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Devon said...

Hey! Found your blog when looking for stuff on St Valentine's Day Massacre. Not quite what I was looking for, but a good read anyhow, so I thought I'd post a comment. Me and My St Valentine's Day Massacre Site.