Friday, January 20, 2006

Valentine Felted Goodness

Valentine Felt Hearts
I should have known by the look in her eyes that this was not going to be some passing fling, a one week-end whirl and then on to the next conquest. The obsession was obvious with how she touch, caressed, and whispered softly, seductively as she held it in her hands. Of course, I am referring to my sister and her addiction to wool felt, searching for it, collecting it, and never feeling she has enough of it. Over the years I have learned to live with my sister's obsessions. Excursions to unknown parts of the city, miles away from home, to a place that just might have some color or variety that she does not have in her possession. Helping her seek out her prey and then quietly stepping aside as she goes in for the kill. You are probably asking how do you cope, how do you endure, how does one live with a felt wool addict? It is very simple, really...just let them create!

As in these adorable wool felt heart gift tags that we have just added to our site last weekend. Embellished with hand-sewn details and a silk ribbon for hanging, they can be used to adorn any gift or a special Valentine's keepsake just on their own. They come with matching note cards of sweet words that insert into the heart tag. Each set includes four wool felt heart gift tags with four matching notes.

I have a feeling my friends there will be more felted goodness to come...

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