Thursday, December 22, 2005

Greeting Cards for New Year's

New Year Invite
New Year Card

One last spurt of creativity before we finally put a close on 2005... New Year Kitty! If you have been too busy to send any holiday greetings this season and pretty much by now that boat has sailed, you can still send good wishes for the New Year with these whimsical kitties. We also added Party Kitty Fill-in Invitations, Whimsy Disposable Party Coasters, and Disposable Drink Charms. The drink charms are a new concept, "Party Easier", we are trying out. Disposable paper charms in funky designs that easily slip on, and then easily slipped off and discarded at the party's end. No hassle with getting them hooked on and then having to deal with taking off during clean up, just slip them off and throw them away.

A safe and happy holiday to everyone!

Drink Charm
Disposable Party Coaster


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