Friday, September 22, 2006

All Us All The Time Halloween Place Cards...We Make Entertaining Eerie

Spooky Spider Place CardsIf you are having a formal sit-down Halloween Feast this season, you will definitely need assigned seating. We don’t want any unpleasant incidents. I think we all know what can end up happening if a werewolf and vampire end up sitting next to each other or worse yet, Witchy Kitty and Mr. Nevermore Raven, which then truly would be nevermore. Luckily my sister is an expert in Demon entertaining and came up with a “purrfect” solution, Halloween place cards. Make sure those beast are sitting where you want them to during your feast. The Halloween place cards also make a “purrfect” way to label your eerie edibles. What could be more embarrassing for someone to mistake your marinated eyeballs for something as silly as an olive tray, what a nightmare! There are four frightening sets to choose from, Witchy Kitty, Spooky Spider, Mr. Nevermore Gothic Raven, and Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Also available for your ghoulish gathering are coordinating Halloween printable or fill-in invitations, printable menus, disposable party coasters and colorful disposable drink charms.

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