Monday, July 28, 2008

Temporary Tattoos – Tombstone Silhouettes

Raven Temporary TattooToday we have our classic black and white Tombstone Silhouette Temporary Tattoos, very simple and chic for the Halloween season, or really, all year long. I mean when the little black tombstone tattoo every out of style, a timeless classic. For the last several days we have bee featuring our temporary tattoo sets, if you have missed please see our past entries to view our other selections. These distinctive one-of-a-kind temporary tattoos are great for kids parties and grown-up ones too. If you have a special event coming up you can dress up with a stylish tattoo, which the next morning can be easily removed, no commitment needed with these. The nice thing with our temporary tattoos is you do not have to buy in large quantities; they come in packages of 5, 10 or 15 tattoos.

Our Tombstone Silhouette Temporary Tattoo set includes a bat, cat, spider, raven and skull.

Bat Temporary TattooSpider Temporary TattooCat Temporary Tattoo

We have one more temporary tattoo set, stay tuned for tomorrow....

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