Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pink Pirate Skull Journal

This week we are introducing our Eclectic Journal Collection. All Us All the Time coil bound writer and artist journals are now available in the more convenient size of 5.5 x 8.5. We have also changed the inside paper of the writing journals to a nice lined heavier 70lb text. Today we are featuring the Pink Pirate Skull Journal.

I am not sure people truly understand the inner angst that a pirate goes through. The fruitless treasure hunts, the constant pillaging, or simply not seeing eye to eye with the captain on a daily basis, savvy? It builds up over time. Most pirates resort to burying these feelings at the bottom of a bottle of rum. That drunken-brawl time could be used instead spawn their inner creativity if they just journaled. If only someone would give them a Pink Pirate Skull Journal, they could endlessly muse about and sketch the ocean with billowing sails, recording their dreams, hopes and aspirations. Yo ho ho and a pink pirate journal!

Pink Pirate Skull Journal

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Anonymous said...

Perfect for Petunia the PINK!