Friday, June 13, 2008

Halloween Raven

Halloween RavenDon’t panic, but there are only a 140 days left until Halloween. I know, I know, how are you going to get everything done in just 140 days? Well, search nevermore for your Halloween Greeting Cards. Making his eerie appearance at All Us All the Time is Halloween Raven. This enchanting card is reproduced from a Pamela McCarville watercolor painting. She painted it last All Hallows Eve when a black bird wearing a red mask landed on her bedroom windowsill. Okay, we really don't know if that happened, it is just the rumor floating around the studio.

If you would like, you can let the Raven deliver all your holiday greetings with the Seasons of the Ravens stationery collection, including Santa Raven, Easter Basket Raven, Valentine Heart Raven, and of course, Halloween Raven. This stationery set also makes a charming gift.

Santa RavenValentine RavenEaster Raven

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