Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Frosting Rules!

Cupcake InviteCupcake InvitationIn continuing our cupcake theme, All Us All the Time now has Cupcake Fill-in Invitations available in addition to Cupcake Printable Invitations, Cupcake Place Cards, Cupcake Stationery and Cupcake Buttons, Magnets, Compact Mirrors, and Key Chains.

Go ahead and celebrate the frosting with a cupcake party this season. Send out these festive and colorful Cupcake Fill-in Invitations to all your friends with whimsical cupcakes on the front and then just the wrappers inside because I have eaten them all. You can print out menus, recipes, craft projects or game instructions on the Cupcake Printable Invites. Then you can label all the different flavors of cupcakes with (or if you are having a sit down cupcake meal you can put out) Cupcake Place Cards. As party favors or prizes, you can get a selection of Cupcake Buttons, Magnets, Compact Mirrors, or Key Chains. Finally for after the party you can write all your thank you notes on Cupcake Stationery. A cupcake theme party would be fun for birthdays, both wedding and baby showers, or just because.

If you are in the Denver area and not wanting to bake your own cupcakes, visit The Shoppe for cupcake and frosting happiness for your party.

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