Wednesday, January 10, 2007

All Us All the Time...Inviting up Romance

Valentine Fill-in InviteValentine Fill-in InviteFor those of you who would just prefer that the 14th of February fall off the face of the calendar; don’t be too hasty there. After all, Valentine’s is a holiday, and what better excuse to have a romantic and intimate party for 20 or more of your closest friends? I mean hasn’t the whole romantic thing for two just been done to death.

Valentine Printable InvitationGlad you are following me here. Trust me, send the invitations and they will come because you will be surprised on how many of your friends are also so tired of the whole romantic thing for two deal. But where oh where can you get cute and clever invitations and party favors for Valentine’s Day? Well I am glad you asked, and the answer is probably not going to come as a surprise to you. That’s right.... All Us All the Time! We have both fill-in and printable invitations with whimsical hearts, sweetheart kitties, and for those scallywags amongst you, Valentine pirate skull. All of our Valentine invitations come with coordinating envelopes and heart seals for the envelopes. Then we have matching Valentine disposable party coasters, Valentine place cards, and oh-so-cute and cool Valentine disposable drink charms. Also our January tip is a recipe for Strawberries Ducale, perfect for a Valentine’s party.

Valentine Drink CharmsValentine Coasters
Valentine Place Cards

Start making out that guest list today to invite all your friends to some whimsical Valentine’s fun.

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