Friday, January 26, 2007

All Us All the Time Small Valentine Postcards

Butterfly Valentine PostcardRemember back in grade school when you use to do Valentine exchanges with your classmates? No matter what the message, “Be Mine”, “Hey Cutie”, or “True Love”, those small little Valentines would bring smiles to faces and warm children’s hearts. Why does this tradition of exchanging Valentines have to belong to your childhood? Is it because we would feel silly as grown-ups handing out childlike Valentines? Where we all loved Scooby Doo as children (still do), that is not exactly the Valentine you were wanting to hand out to your friends, nor did you really want to have to buy a 100 of those goofy canine Valentines. You would like cute and stylish small Valentines with more of a grown-up sophisticated flavor sold in small sets.

Love You Valentine PostcardPirate Skull Valentine PostcardLove Bug Valentine PostcardBe Mine Valentine Postcard

Lucky for us, our in-house All Us All the Time Valentine Cupid, has designed just that, four sets of cute and stylish Valentine postcards to exchange with your friends and family. We have three different sets of trendy heart designs, and then for all those swashbucklers out there, we have one set of our Valentine pirate skull, shiver me timbers! The Valentines are 2.25” x 3.25”, come in sets of 8 with small white envelopes. A stylish way to bring back the childhood tradition of exchanging Valentines.

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