Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Us All The Time November Tip...Pumpkin Pie

Santa KittyThe holiday season is officially upon us. What a wonderful time of the year. A time where things shimmer, glisten, sparkle, twinkle, and jingle. A time of year where whiffs of cinnamon, cloves, and ginger fill the air. A season for rejoicing, singing, sharing and gathering. Where all is merry and bright.

I do love this time of year and living in the Rocky Mountains I get the added joy of having a winter wonderland too. There is nothing like an early morning in the Rocky Mountains after a snowstorm. The sun shines bright and the clear skies are the purest blue. Yet the air is crisp and you see your breath as you breath out into the frosty air. The snow is fresh and undisturbed, a blinding blanket of white interrupted only by the tall Douglas pines with the green of their branches peaking out from under their white and icicle covering. For one small fleeting moment, the earth is still; quiet, and you feel a sense of inner peace. Then your arm is almost jerked out of its socket as that bundle of fur at the other end of the leash does a flying leap into a drift of snow. The tail is going 100 m.p.h. as this new white world is totally different from the one it left the night before. With its nose burrowing through the fresh powdered snow we are in hot pursuit of...something. Perhaps the snow fairy that mischievously covered us with this white dust during the night? I am never sure, all I know is we must go really fast and though we never find anything, we are still as happy as can be. I myself am a cat person, but between my sister and my folks, I have the pleasure of four canines in my life. All wonderful creatures with their own unique and special personalities, and who all get very excited when their Aunt comes to visit them (who is occasionally known to sneak them a few treats now and then).

Abby GirlThere are so many things I love about the early morning walks in the mountains with my four-legged buddies, but one in particular only happens during the holidays. That is coming from the frosty outdoors into a warm and toasty house, and sitting down to a big breakfast of a piping hot latte with extra foam and cinnamon on top with a nice sized piece of pumpkin pie with a pretty healthy dollop of whipped topping. I know that is just terrible isn't it? I think though pumpkin is a very healthy fruit with lot of nutrients, just not so sure about all of that when it is served in pie form? Can't help it though, during the holidays when with family I just love having pumpkin pie and latte for breakfast. I am sure if their owners would just let them join me in this decadent breakfast of pumpkin pie, my four-legged pals would agree.

LaKeitOf course you don't have to have pumpkin pie for breakfast, my understanding is that pumpkin pie goes great as any meal, uh...I mean it goes great as a dessert after any meal. Sure, that's what I meant. Any hoo, through out the years I have experimented with our pumpkin pie recipe, because, well, that is just who I am. Some years are better than others, but our featured recipe for our November tip is a creamy sour cream pumpkin pie recipe with whole-wheat pie crust recipe that got the family seal of approval. The whole-wheat pie crust recipe actually came from a very famous executive chef in our area, it is quite good and is great with fruit pies too. Visit our November Tip Page for this wonderful pumpkin pie recipe along with the recipe for the whole-wheat pie crust.

We are very excited about our ALL IS BRIGHT line of holiday greeting cards, stationery, holiday letterhead, holiday gift tags, holiday fill-in invitations, holiday place cards, and holiday disposable party coasters. We also have an array of stocking stuffer goodies including two new Stationery Sachets. The All Us All the Time elves are busy working away in their North Pole studio to bring you even more ALL IS BRIGHT treasures. I will be starting my holiday blogging soon, highlighting our various holiday products.

All Us All the Time...making your season bright.

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