Thursday, November 02, 2006

All Us All the Time.... Holiday Greeting Cards and Stationery

Blue Kitty StationeryThe All Us All the Time Elf (my sister) has been busy, busy, burning the midnight mistletoe to bring you jolly, joy. Bliss, whimsy, merry, and bright all wrapped up in the form of holiday greeting cards and stationery. Making their second holiday appearance, the cat’s meow of holiday greeting cards and stationery, is the one and only...Santa Kitty. This little holiday creature is so fun to design, that we ended up having to have two stationery sets. The Holly Jolly Santa Kitty Stationery, in the those bright edgy holiday colors of green, pink, purple and teal, and then our Holiday “Blues” Santa Kitty Stationery, in shades of blue and brown with coordinating blue envelopes.

I’ll have a blue Christmas unless I get one of these Santa Kitty Cards
I’ll be so blue thinking about not getting one of these Santa Kitty Cards
Decorations of red
on the green Christmas tree
Don’t mean a thing if
I don’t get one of these Santa Kitty Cards

Okay, extremely sorry about that diversion. I digress and now moving on. Also making their second appearance is our cozy Mitten Holiday Stationery featuring 5 vividly designed cozy mittens, and the All is Bright Holiday Ornament Stationery, with 5 trendy ornament designs with simple holiday greetings. We currently have two set that are reproductions from the Elf’s watercolor paintings. The Classic Holiday Stationery set, which is comprised of a quilted angel, hanging holiday ornaments, stockings hung from the chimney with care, and an old-fashion holiday basket with a teddybear. The intricate details of these holiday greeting cards are quite stunning. Then there is the Holiday Cottage Stationery done in a warm and soothing color palette of creamy browns, pine greens, with a splash of berry red. The designs include cinnamon sticks, a pinecone, a wreath, apples, berries and nuts, and hearth basket. I can almost smell the pine and cinnamon.

Snowman StationeryMitten StationeryHoliday Tree Stationery
Holiday OrnamentWinter Snowflake Stationery

This year the Elf has been especially playful with her holiday illustrations. New for the season, we have Whirling Holiday Trees and Winter Snowflakes in brightly colored greeting cards and stationery. Remember when I said the Elf was burning the midnight mistletoe, well I am thinking this next set might have been created at that midnight hour...Snowmen of the Night, or as I am trying to spin it, Holiday Snowman Stationery, for those you want to send...well, out of the ordinary holiday wishes. Actually they are pretty cute, you know, in their own sinister way. Then at the opposite end of the holiday spectrum where all is merry and bright and filled with whimsical elfin magic, is her Holiday Elf Stationery and Greeting Cards. They are so adorable with their holiday packages, candy canes, snowflakes, and poinsettias; they will be whom I choose to deliver my holiday greetings this season.

Holiday Elf StationeryThe All Us All the Time Elf is still busy working away at a few more holiday greeting cards and stationery designs including a beautiful Winter Solstice set. The Elf is also telling me that there will be lots more holiday goodies coming including holiday letterhead, gift tags, felted goodness and stocking stuffer surprises. Stay tuned.

All Us All the Time...making the season Bright.


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