Friday, July 28, 2006

All Us All the Time Bursting with Button Badges, Magnets, and Compact Mirrors

Lemon ButtonWe are in a state of splendid euphoria here at All Us All the Time! Why you ask? Or even if you did not ask, we must share our exciting news. We just introduced our brand new product lines of button badges, round magnets, and compact mirrors featuring our very own original graphics or watercolor artwork.

Vibrant summer motifs Mod Whirl Buttonof lemons, limes, and ice-cream sundaes, a daring but striking combination. Totally groovy Flower Power and Mod collections that are psychedelically delicious. Trés chic French motif button badges, magnets and compact mirrors of fleur de lis, a French café, and the ever so popular, chat boudant (pouting cat), oolala! Also joining the festivities are party kitty, zany stripes and dazed dots, sinister stripes, and the charming quilts series in all their intricacy reproduced from my sister's watercolor paintings.

French Cafe ButtonButton badges are a great fashion accessory to add zest of color to jackets, canvas bags, soft-shell computer or guitar cases, luggage or anything you can stick a pin into, but not your little sister. Refrigerators, lockers, and bulletin boards around the world are begging to be dressed up with fresh and fun round button magnets that are not only stylish, but sturdy too. Unfortunately, there is nothing stylish about having an eyelash in the eye or food debris stuck in the teeth, well that is except for that fabulously chic compact mirror. At 2.25", the compact mirrors, that come in sleek velveteen pouches, slip nicely in to any size purse for those opportune moments.

Sundae ButtonFlower Power ButtonMod Flower ButtonFrench Kitty Button

I have a feeling there will be a lot more button designs to come, especially since now on every illustration my sister starts I ask the all important question..."Yes, but can I make a button out of it?!?"

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