Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May Tip – Swedish Pancakes for Mother’s Day

TulipsWe are still working on the grand vision of our tip page. To recap from our earlier blog, the original vision of our tip page was three part. The first part would entail deeply thought provoking journal prompts with profoundly enlightening written examples that may or may not solve the ancient mysteries of mankind. These poetic prose would then be accompanied by elaborate intricate illustrated layouts of the likes of the Sistine Chapel. The second part would include unique and captivating recipe, decorating and gift basket ideas. Ideas to rival those of Martha Stewart, eloquently presented with each ingredient illustrated in fine detail. Finally, part three of our tip page would entail a crafting section with awe-inspiring paper craft ideas and never-thought-of-before color scheme suggestions with of course an extremely ornate detailed illustrated layout of each and every step of the process including color wheels, charts, and Photoshop screen shots. There will be animated graphics throughout as our own composed music plays in the background. This will be followed by a feature film and soon-to-be released soundtrack.

Yeah, we are still working on that. Meanwhile, we have a delicious recipe for Swedish pancakes to share with you for Mother’s Day breakfast or brunch. These Swedish pancakes are very thin and have a slight sweet taste. They are an excellent accompaniment to any Mother’s Day breakfast or brunch menu. You can serve them with traditional maple syrup, a spoonful of jelly, or sprinkle powder sugar over the top. A lovely breakfast for Mother’s Day would be Swedish pancakes, freshly squeezed orange juice, and espresso with cream and sugar. Spruce up the table with a spring bouquet of flowers purchased from your local market or freshly picked flowers from the garden. Visit our tip page at for the Swedish Pancake recipe. Bonappetit and Happy Mother’s Day.

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