Thursday, May 04, 2006

Magnificent Magnets

I just love our new magnet page. I know I am prejudice, but to me the page just seems so fun bursting with vibrant colors. It is such a happy little web page. Can web pages be happy? Any hoo, we replaced our 1.5” square sets for new bright and colorful rectangle 2 x 3” sets. Reproduced from my sister’s original watercolors, the details on our teacup magnet set are amazing. Hat Teacup MagnetFlower Tea Cup Magnet From the intricate lace doilies, the whimsical wallpaper, to the detail design of the actual cups and saucers themselves, something new jumps out at you every time you see them. I keep trying to decide which is my favorite, the clocks, the hats, the butterfly, or the flowers, but I would just have to have one of each. The color palette is bright and bold with purples, greens, and pinks giving them a bit of a French flair.

Maybe it was that French flair that certain je ne sais quoi that inspired our 3 French magnet sets. These sets feature the graphic design work of my sister, and are tres irresistible. French Cafe MagnetFrench Kitty MagnetFleur de li MagnetFirst there is the sophisticated and classic French Kitty, sporting a beret and lovely scarf, of course in superbly coordinating colors of purple, pink, peach and sage. Then there is our stately fleur de li set for the more refined of refrigerators and bulletin boards. Finally our French melody set of magnets includes the romantic Paris café scene and then the French wine bottles featuring our own label Chat Boudant (pouting cat). Oolala!

Mod Flower MagnetsMod Dot MagnetsFrom fabulously French to fad and funky, our mod and flower power magnet sets are absolutely groovy. They come in flowers, dots, and pinwheels. In bright fun colors, trendy designs, these magnets surpass hip and enter in to a dimension of their own.

Now it is time to go from fun and fad to....uh, organizational? Excuse me? Yes, that is right, organizational word magnet sets. For those that feel their magnets need an exact purpose, this set spells it right out on the magnet: coupons, grocery list, take out, appointments, now, later, work and leisure. Our hope with these sets is to give back the time spent looking for a scrap piece of paper to write down your grocery list, Take Out MagnetGrocery List Magnetshuffling through that kitchen drawer for your favorite Chinese take-out menu, or frantically searching for that 2 for 1 pizza coupon. No more looking, it is just right there under these handy dandy magnets.

Speaking of lists, most of the magnet sets also have coordinating notecards...won’t your refrigerator look so chic.

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