Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bunnies on Vacation

Resort Bunnies
Rabbit Ears Resort

Rabbit Ears Resort is the world's premier destination for total bunny relaxation after the grueling tolls of hopping down that bunny trail and hiding all those millions of eggs. Our spa is totally devoted to completely rejuvenating your bunny-being by offering unparallel service in the most peaceful and soothing cat-free atmosphere.

We invite you and your cottontail friends to come spend your days lounging in our Adirondack chairs poolside sipping iced lettuce drinks while a gentle sea breeze blows through your hare. After a day of total relaxation, retire to the enchantment of your contemporary designed bunny hole. Renowned interior bunny designer, Jack Rabbit, designed all our guest bunny holes to create a truly serene but elegant stay. Our expert staff is on hand to make sure all your bunny needs are completely satisfied and that your visit remains cat-free.

Bathing BunniesOther Amities at Rabbit Ear Resort:
Bunny Massages (and cuddling)
Garden Tours
Jacuzzi's built for 20
Wine Tasting featuring our own vineyard Carrot Cabernet
and many more....

Come and experience the luxury and pampering of Rabbit Ears Resort.

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