Tuesday, April 04, 2006

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Easter Egg Decorating Header
In addition to our spring greeting card line, we finally have our tip page up! I know it has been “coming soon” for a long time. You see the problem is my sister and I seem to struggle with that concept of starting out small. When we first talked about adding a tip page to our site, we originally envisioned our tip page having three sections. The first section would be deeply thought provoking journal prompts with profoundly enlightening written examples accompanied by elaborate intricate illustrated layouts of the likes of the Sistine Chapel. Then we would have a section for unique and captivating recipe, decorating and gift basket ideas. Ideas to rival those of Martha Stewart, eloquently laid out with each ingredient intricately illustrated. Finally we would have a craft section with awe-inspiring paper craft ideas and never-thought-of-before color scheme suggestions with of course an extremely elaborate detailed illustrated layout of each and every step of the process including color wheels, charts, and Photoshop screen shots. On top of this all, we would have a Flash movie with our own composed soundtrack and then animated graphics throughout the page.

Easter Egg Basket
Well, who knew all of that would take a bit of time to throw together, time we just did not have. So, in finally coming to terms with reality, something we so rarely like to do, we decided to start simple, no profound or enlightening prose, no Photoshop screen shots, or Flash movie. Instead a very simple layout on a very fun topic – Easter Egg Decorating. You will find on our tip page a brief history on Easter Egg Decorating, Easter Egg Decorating Ideas, and then resources to learn more about Easter Egg Decorating. Now it just wouldn’t be us, if we did not think of our own Easter Egg Decorating idea – Personalized Easter Eggs. Besides filling up your Easter basket, they can also be used as place cards for your Easter Dinner setting. For more details on how to make your own personalized Easter eggs please come and visit our All Tips Page.

Easter Egg Basket
Our goal is to have a fun new tip each month that might include a recipe, decorating or crafting project, a gift basket idea, or other whimsical fancies we may have. We will try to stay grounded and keep it simple, hold off for a while on making that Flash movie with our own composed soundtrack...hum, can you rent out orchestras?

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