Saturday, September 04, 2010

Zazzle Apron Sale

Through Monday Zazzle is having a sale where you can get 60% off on aprons or as low as $7.98. If you want to have a few hostess gifts on hand or do a little pre-holiday shopping, these would make great gifts, not only for the master chef or baker but a nice apron for artist too.

Here are a few of our designs but we have several more that you can find at our Zazzle store, All Us All the Time.

Edible Raven Collection - Chandelier Apron
Edible Raven Collection - Fleur de Lis Apron
Edible Raven Collection - Raven Heart Apron
Curious Whimsy Collection - Fairy on Mushroom Apron
Curious Whimsy Collection - Little Bird Apron
Pirate Skull Collection - Pink Pirate Skull Apron
Halloween Collection - Day of the Dead Apron
Halloween Collection - Vampire Pirate Skull Apron 
Halloween Collection - Witchy Kitty Apron

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