Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Fun Alternative for Gift Wrapping

Holiday WreathA hot trend this year is to give gifts in reusable packaging. Instead of wrapping with gift-wrap paper that ends up in the trash, folks are looking to find an alternative to use for their gifts. One idea is to give your gifts in reusable cotton canvas bags (totes) with unique and enchanting designs.

You can use the holiday designed reusable cotton canvas bags for your gifts and the recipient can save it till next year and reuse it for one of their gifts, or break it out at the start of the season to use for their groceries or to carry their holiday goodies when traveling. These reusable cotton canvas bags also make excellent hostess gifts for bottles of wine, cookies, or holiday bread, which again can be reused for one of their gifts or bagging needs.

Winter Bird Gift BagSnowman Gift Tote

If you would prefer a reusable bag that can be used all year, we several designs like ravens, cupcakes, teacups, Pirates and more for all year round. These cotton canvas bags are also great alternatives to gift-wrapping because it is almost like getting two gifts in one. Your recipient can use the cotton canvas bag for groceries, crafts, art supplies, books, or to carry important stuff that they need with them at all times.

Urn Gift BagWillow May Bag

We have over 30 reusable cotton canvas bag designs to choose from for both kids and adults. A fun and inexpensive alternative to using gift-wrap.

Teacups Cotton BagRaven Reusable Gift Bal

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