Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Unique Gifts under $20

Raven Gift ToteMy sister and I love it when a gift comes together. She or I will think of an item and then the other will think of small little goodies we can throw in to go with it creating a wonderful gift bundle for our recipient and once again we have become golden. The only thing that is better is when we can find a sweet deal that comes in its own packaging.

With this in mind we decided for the holiday season to add to our site four theme gift totes filled with fun and unique creations all for under $20. Our hope is this not only saves you money during these tough times, but also saves you time and helps the environment. No wrapping paper or gift bags needed, instead all four gift sets come with a natural 100% cotton canvas reusable tote with festive designs.

mini-journalsThe Raven Gift Tote Set features our Raven with Heart and Raven with Flowers designs both reproduced from the original watercolor paintings of Pamela McCarville. Included in this gift set are 2 mini-journals, stationery and 2 magnets that come in the cotton canvas raven tote that can be reused for grocery shopping or a book bag.

The Teacup Gift Tote Set features multiple teacup designs all from original watercolor paintings. It also includes 2 mini-journals, stationery and 2 magnets along with our teacup tote. A neat gift idea for tea drinkers.

Of course we could not do gift sets without including one for our suave little pirate skulls. This set includes a set of pirate skull postcards, a couple of pirate mini-journals, a set of temporary skull tattoos, and 2 pirate skull magnets as well as the pirate skull reusable tote. How those swashbucklers’ eyes will light up upon receiving this gift.

Our last one is our Willow May Goes to the Midnight Carnival Book Gift Tote Set. This set includes the award-winning book, Willow May Goes to the Midnight Carnival, signed by both author and illustrator. Also included are a Bookplate, Bookmark, Button, Magnet, 5 Temporary Tattoos, 3 Character Trading Cards and 3 Willow May Goes to the Midnight Carnival Coloring Sheets all in a Welcome to the Midnight Carnival Gift Tote. Fans of Nightmare Before Christmas are sure to enjoy the vivid and rhyming tale of fantasy. Pure fun entertainment for kids and grown-up kids too.

We also included a few ideas for additional goodies that you can throw in. Most of the above items are also available to purchase individually on our site in case any would fit in a gift bundle you are already creating.Gift Sets

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