Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Preprinted Halloween Mischievous Menu - A Treat for You!

All Us All the Time Halloween MenuNo tricks, just a treat with a free downloadable Halloween Menu available on our site. If you are still searching for fun ideas for your All Hallows Eve Boo Bash this year, you might consider our mischievous menu. Here is how it works. First create a key for the listed menu items and utensils, for example, Dragon's claw could be a spoon or Bat Wing could be a fork. We have a detailed sample you can view on our site with the free Halloween menu download. At the party, hand a menu out to each of your guest and have them fill it out by writing in their names and then selecting their choices from each of the sections. The fun is that you know what the menu items are, but your guests do not. Have fun watching your friends and family trying to eat spaghetti with a spoon as they wash it down with ghoul drool (orange juice). If this sounds like the kind of mischievous fun you are looking for, he free PDF download is available on our site.

All Us All the Time...we care enough to scare.


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