Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tale of the Tomb - Riverside Cemetery

Statue at Riverside CemeteryThank you to those who commented on our first segment of Tale of the Tomb. We are glad you enjoyed our story on the Woodmen of the World gravestones. We have posted a few more photos of Woodmen of the World tombstones at the end of the article from the Riverside Cemetery. The Riverside Cemetery is Denver Colorado's oldest existing cemetery and is the feature of our second installment of Tale of the Tomb. Founded in 1876, some of the most prominent figures in Denver's history are residing in Riverside. The statuary above the ground tells just as an intriguing story as the souls that lie beneath it. Today the cemetery has basically been forgotten and ignored, but though a victim of neglect and vandalism, it somehow adds to the allure and mystic of this final resting ground. To read more about Riverside's unique tale, visit our Tale of the Tomb.

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