Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tombstone Fill-in Invitations

Raven Tombstone InviteRaven Fill-in InviteTombstone fill-in invites are appropriate any time of year, but especially charming for the All Hallows Eve season that is hiding right around the corner (in the darkness of its shadow, waiting patiently as it smiles). Yes, these “Goreyesque” fill-in invitations are bound to leave an impression on all your guests. The front of the card features a stately silhouette tombstone and the inside of the card has the silhouette in black on top with the wording, We’re Dieing to See You, Event, When, The Crypt of, and Summoned By.

We also have available Tombstone Printable Invitations that can also be used to print out additional party information or menus. In addition we have tombstone place cards to add a touch of melancholy to your feasting table. Oh but the tombstones don’t stop there as we also have tombstone silhouette postcards, temporary tattoos, magnets, buttons, compact mirrors, key chains and reusable Halloween trick or treat bags/totes. These items would make excellent party favors and/or prizes for games such as pin the missing limb back to the zombie.

Bat TombstoneBat Tombstone Invitation

Lots more Halloween goodness to come.

All Us All the Time...we care enough to scare.

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