Saturday, May 17, 2008

Halloween Tombstone Silhouette Postcards

Ghost Tombstone PostcardOnly 166 Days to Halloween. Don't be alarmed, there is still time to get all of your All Hallows Eve's affairs in order. First have you thought postcards? Perhaps tombstone silhouette postcards? Halloween postcards are a perfect way to treat your fanged and non-fanged fiends this Halloween. A small card with an illustration and message on the front and blank on the back for your own other worldly prose, envelope also provided. Illustrations include a bat, cat, witch's hat, ghost, skull, pumpkin, spider, and raven. These postcards can be handed out or attached to gifts (our preferred way of receiving them). If you are still needing a few party favors, you can place one at each table setting for a delightful surprise for your guests. There would even be room to slip in a bat's toenail, a cat's whisker, a spider's leg, a toad's tongue (dried and sliced of course) or I suppose you could even include a matching tombstone silhouette button or magnet. Choice is yours.

Hat TombstonePumpkin Tombstone

Visit All Us All the Time for all your Halloween correspondence needs, but hurry...only 166 days left.

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