Sunday, September 23, 2007

Halloween Boo Cards

Witchy Kitty Boo CardSometimes I think we forget about all the stress and pressure our ghost and goblin friends face this season. Yes, they make small appearances through out the year, a few haunted houses here and there, a couple of late night cemetery showings, perhaps a guest spot or two at séances, but when it all comes down to it, there is really only one night, one show, one opportunity to truly manifest...Halloween. We all know it is true, if a spook wants to secure those endorsements and appear on Vampoprha during the next year, Halloween is their one and only shot.

During the Halloween season, apparitions feel like they have the weight of the undead world on their shoulders. Sadly, this type of pressure can get to even the best of fiends. This Halloween season lift the spirits of your ghostly friends with a simple but effective gesture, a Halloween Boo Card. Halloween Boo Cards are like Valentines except for Halloween, small postcards, 2.25 x 3.25", with a witchy kitty or phantom pirate skull illustration and a fiendishly fun Halloween message. Halloween Boo cards come in sets of 8 with small white envelopes included. Drop one off on the desk of your goblin co-workers, slip one in the hand bag of your favorite girl-fiend, or put one in the treat bag of that special little spook. Boo cards will add a big smile and touch the heart (if still in possession of one) to all those who receive them. Come visit our online store, All Us All the Time, for Halloween Boo Cards and many more Halloween treats.

Pirate Skull Boo CardPirate Skull Boo CardPirate Skull Boo Card

All Us All the Time...we care enough to scare.

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