Monday, February 05, 2007

All Us All the Time Valentine Greeting Cards and Stationery

Heart Valenting Greeting CardValentine Kitty Greeting CardJust wanted to let you know that we have added a few new cards to our Valentine Greeting and Stationery collection this year. We still have our whimsical heart’s delight sets from last year as well as those adorable Sweetheart Kitties letting your Valentine know that they are the “Cat’s Meow” or that they are “Purrfect”.

New this season we have added an amusing card for all those “Dino” fans out there.

Like a big pizza pie in the sky.... that’s Amore

Valentine Pizza Greeting Card
That’s right, a Valentine Pizza covered in hearts with the message “That’s Amore”. Not only is it a fun card, but now you also have the added pleasure of having that song running through your head all day!

Valentine Pirate Skull Greeting CardWe also added to our Valentine Greeting Card and Stationery collection this year that small swashbuckler, Valentine Pirate Skull. Our little pirate has a heart-shaped eye-patch, an earring, and Pokka Dotted scarf. He sends tender messages of love such as “Come shiver me timbers”...ah, such a romantic. Our little pirate is also available in sets of small Valentine postcards, 2.25 x 3.25”, to exchange with all your scallywag friends.

Valentine Candy Greeting CardValentine Raven Greeting CardThen we also added two Valentine greeting cards reproduced from my sister’s watercolor paintings. The first we call “Valentine Candy”, the perfect card to accompany a big elegant box of rich and luscious chocolates (a vision to go along with that song playing in your head all day). The second card, and my favorite, is the stunning Valentine Raven. A striking raven holding a heart, the detail is amazing. This little love bird is sure to steal your heart.

Our greeting cards are sold individually or in selected stationery sets. Also available are our small Valentine postcards, which have proven to be quite popular so far this season, especially Mr. Valentine Pirate Skull.

All Us All the Time...perfect with chocolate.

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